Building a pdf programmatically on Android

In my recent project I needed to build a pdf and email it to a user. Android has a great library for this and I found it only took a few hours to get a reasonably readable pdf onto my screen.   The basic outline goes as follows Now for […]

Draw an animated bar chart on Android

How I drew a live bar chart in my sound proofing and STC app available on google play   The above picture is a screenshot of my android app where I needed to live display over 100 data points onto my screen. Here is how I did just that. Important to know is […]

Getting Fast Fourier Transform data on Android

How I broke down the sound waves in my sound proofing and STC app available on google play   In order to build this app I needed to understand how loud a sound was as well as which frequency I was hearing. Truthfully when I started this app I underestimated […]

Easy Time Card

Many offices today are still filling out paper time cards. Why you ask? How nefarious software integration is The learning curve Bugs or “features” Almost everyone is guilty of it. Products are designed to work with constant support resulting in monthly or yearly fees. Upgrades, server costs etc. But most […]

Foot Candle Light Meter

The foot candle light meter is one of the first apps developed. Very simple yet handy for construction professionals. Most, if not all, smartphones have an ambient light sensor which is used to control screen brightness. This hardware is designed and programmed by the manufacturer. So its very hard for […]

CNC Plasma Torch and Laser Diode

Here is the video I talk about my plasma cutter This video is great for instruction but has no video of plasma cutter working Truthfully after i did the test cuts, and forgot to video them I put my plasma cutter assembly away and haven’t had a chance to use […]

CNC milling with router

Here is my video with general info   For my milling set up right now I’m using a 2 horsepower harbor freight router with the harbor freight speed control. Its definitely on the cheapest end of the setup but so far I am moving forward nicely.  This whole setup is […]

Building the 3D Printer Temperature control from an arduino prototype

So I decided to build my own temperature control unit. Here is my, Errrr masterpiece.   Here is the layout of my circuit board. This layout above doesn’t show some things on my board like my voltage regulator for 5v power or my electrolytic and ceramic capacitors plus inductor for […]

Converting a CNC to do 3D printing

Here is the overview videos There are several parts you will need to convert a CNC to a 3D printer. Extruder This is a picture of my extruder. The bare aluminum is how I mount it to my cnc machine. The orange or copper piece hold my filament. As you can […]

CNC Software and Enclosure

Check out my video on Software  Software I use two computers, one for design and one for machine control. This allows you to run the machine and design stuff at the same time. Design software can cause your computer to slow down and should not be run on the same […]